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Optimism back in the industry

China’s announcement of a trial visa waiver policy for six countries, starting this weekend, and the growing arrival numbers of Chinese visitors in many destinations have resulted in a more positive outlook proclaimed by many major stakeholders.

Julia Simpson, CEO of WTTC stated that “Chinese cross-border travel could get back to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2024”. Tourism managers in China are also quite optimistic:

Qi Chunguang, the Vice President of Tuniu.com blamed the visa problem for the slow development in 2023: “Once the backlog of travel visas is resolved, demand for outbound travel will surge.” One of the top managers of Trip.com echoed Julia Simpson by saying that “Chinese cross-border travel could get back to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2024.”

However, some European leaders are still seeing the glass half empty. Switzerland tourism expects a return to pre-pandemic levels only for 2026. This forecast is discussed in this week’s edition Deep Dive and Facts and Views, which concentrate on Switzerland as a Chinese outbound tourism destination.

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In this week’s Topic of the Week we look at the end of the demographic dividend, which has turned into the problem of an aging society for China, but which also means that Silver Travellers are getting more importance as customers for outbound tourism.

The COTRI weekly Editorial also looks at Switzerland and its Chinese visitors.

In the News you will find as always selected news items about different aspects of the Chinese outbound market.

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