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Turkiye and Spain

After the conference and fair in Shiraz at the beginning of the month, COTRI had the honour to be invited to two more major events in the last weeks: The International Thermal Health Tourism Forum in Denizli / Turkiye and the COTRI China Outbound Tourism Recovery Workshop in Sevilla / Spain.

I had the honour to be invited by the organiser, the Pamukkale University Thermal Rehabilitation Center, to talk about the development of the Chinese outbound market for Health and Wellness, starting my presentation also with the discussion of the consequences of the demise of optimism in China after the end of four decades of economic growth and slow political progress. More about this is discussed in the Deep Dive section of this weeks COTRI INTELLIGENCE.

What became clear during the conference’s discussions and presentations is the fact that Wellness and Medical Tourism are moving to include also mental and psychological wellness and health in a bigger way than before. The number of people looking for help while travelling for their depression, PTSD etc. is growing rapidly worldwide. No wonder, given the bleak prospect of a future dominated by the climate catastrophe and de-democratisation.

In Andalusia, the Chamber of Commerce Sevilla and the Cathedra China invited COTRI to conduct a China Outbound Tourism Recovery Day. More than 60 participants from government, administration and industry joined, providing very positive feedback during the discussion and the in days afterwards in messages and posts. Sevilla has been able to attract less than 10% of the Chinese visitors to Spain in 2019, with Barcelona and Madrid seeing – and suffering from – the biggest portion of the Chinese guests. The Topic of the Week is looking deeper into Chinese tourism to Spain, with an interview with the key organiser of cathedra china and Old China Hand Dr. Kurt Grötsch adding more information.

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