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GITF Guangzhou International Travel Fair 2024

In May 2024, the GITF Guangzhou International Travel Fair will open as the main tourism fair for South China and the Greater Bay Area. This time, COTRI will organise not only the International Chinese Outbound Tourism Conference, but also four thematic villages.

Founded in 1993, GITF started as the first international tourism fair in China With now more than 30 years of history it has become the most important tourism exhibition for South China and the Greater Bay Area, the starting point for more than half of all international trips in Chinese outbound tourism

GITF 2024 will offer from May 16-18, 2024 the first opportunity in the year of China‘s outbound tourism revival to meet old and new Chinese business partners from all over China, with a focus on South China, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.

Extended floor space, more featured themes and new villages for well-being, education, outdoor activities and sustainable tourism provide different formats to choose from for exhibitors.

The International Chinese Outbound Tourism Conference, organised by COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, will bring together the major experts and stakeholders to analyse the ways Chinese travellers want to be informed, inspired and satisfied in their search for new destinations and new experience.

The village format is based on significant changes in both the demand and the supply side of China’s outbound tourism.

On the demand side, Chinese outbound travellers in the post-pandemic period are looking for „discoveries“ of new destinations and activities to show their sophistication to their online and offline friends, they have developed more interest in nature and outdoor activities and for authentic experiences, closer to the local culture. Sustainable tourism and overseas education attract especially younger customers.

Many Chinese follow their special interests in their travels, they choose the activity first, from golf to staying with a local family, from wine-tasting to hiking, not saying: Lets go to Australia and see what I can do there, but: I love National Parks, every year I want to visit another one in a different country. So it make sense to put all National Parks together in one stand.

On the supply side many national tourism organisation are less likely to organise a national stand at a Chinese tourism fair for a number of reasons, including high numbers of visitors from within the region for main destinations and main seasons, strained political relations and concerns about pollution from long-distance air travel. Some still have not noticed the change from low-spending package groups to thematic smaller customised groups providing higher margins.

That’s why villages at the GITF 2024 are providing special interest offers all in one place, creating an easy and affordable way to profit from the new business opportunities in the Chinese market.

Village exhibitors will enjoy free online trainings on how to prepare for the participation in a Chinese fair, support in the production of Chinese language business cards etc. For bookings before the end of the year 2023 a special Early Bird discount applies.

An Invitation to GITF 2024 with more details is stored here.