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China This Week 08.11.2023

Duty-free is a concept known to all international travellers. In Duty Free shops customers are able to purchase an item without paying import, sales, value-added, or other taxes. The products are exempt from duties and taxes with the understanding that they will be taken out of the country of purchase for use. Liquor, chocolate, perfume and cigarettes are the most popular duty-free items in airport stores.

Duty-paid on the other hand, refers to products being offered to domestic where all import, Sales, Value-added and other taxes have been paid already.

Hainan Island started its way towards an independent customs system in June 2020, when duty-free retail was introduced in 12 big shopping malls. Until now, customers who shop at Hainan’s duty-free malls can however only use their purchased products after leaving the island. Earlier this year it was announced, that from 2025 the entire island will be duty free and that Hainan will permit duty-free items to be consumed on the spot, which will provide the benefits also to residents and hopefully will encourage visitors to extend the duration of their visit.

These plans have however not stopped Swire Properties and the China Tourism Group to restart their Sanya Yunjie Island duty & tax paid project in Haitang Bay. Betting on the increased interest of Chinese consumers in the quality of the purchasing experience, duty-paid store by brands like Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Buccellati, Celine, Dior, Fred and 13 other stores in the last few months.

For international destinations, Hainan is proposed to become a bigger competitor in coming years in the field of shopping tourism. However, with shopping losing importance for many international Chinese travellers as the main travel motivation, this is yet another indicator to transform the itineraries towards other activities.

Hong Kong SAR will probably be the main victim of the ascent of Hainan. Already now not only retailers are complaining about the lack of customers, even though more Mainland Chinese are visiting again. Bars and restaurants are also suffering despite the launch by the Hong Kong government of a “Night Vibes” campaign, establishing new bazaars at three waterfront areas and organising Wine and Dine festivals among other activities. Many of the expats have left the SAR during and after the pandemic and the Mainlanders now working in Hong Kong are seen as spending their money rather in Shenzhen.


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