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A year of disappointments

With the end of the pandemic proclaimed also in China on Boxing Day 2022 after an abrupt change of policy in the month before and an unknown number of Chinese fatalities as a result providing yet again an example of “In China everything happens later but faster”, the global tourism industry looked very optimistically forward to 2023.

Some destinations in Europe like Greece and Spain indeed registered the highest number of arrivals ever, but for Asian discussions the recovery was much less of a reason to celebrate. Thailand for instance will welcome only 2/3 of the number of visitors of 2019. The gap is almost exactly representing the about eight million Mainland Chinese who visited less in 2023 compared to 2019.

However, for the whole tourism industry there are several swords of Damocles dangling over the head: The climate catastrophe is the reason for an increasing number of interruptions of happy holidays in the form of heat waves, draughts, fires, etc., the ongoing invasions of the Ukraine and the Gaza strip have also resulted in less travel in the surrounding regions, the global GDP growth will be less in 2023 compared to 2022 and is forecasted to slow down further in 2024.

Last week we critizised the tourism industry for their limited engagement in Dubai at the COP2023. It is true that several organisations in addition to the UNWTO and the Glasgow Declaration organised fringe events in Dubai: The WTTC launched a Water Report for Tourism, the World Travel Awards launched World Sustainable Hospitality Awards, IFC International Finance Corporation and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance announced a collaboration. Still, in the main discussions, tourism failed to be given attention. Which may be not so important after all, as COP28 Dubai and COP29 Baku seem already set to hinder instead of helping the fight against climate change.

China’s outbound tourism development in 2023 will be discussed in this editions Topic of the week. In the Deep Dive we look at the very different ways young people in China react to the difficult situation they find themselves in. Facts and Views provides a quantitative view on the development of China’s domestic tourism in 2023.

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