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NEW! 13.03.2024

Welcoming Foreign Visitors to China

China has taken several measures to welcome more international visitors to China again. Many cities offer visa-free stay for 72 or 96 hours for a transit stay, Hainan can be visited for two weeks with visa on arrival etc...


Looking beyond arrival numbers in Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong SAR could welcome in 2023 a total of 26.8 million Mainland Chinese visitors, 61% of the total for 2019 of 43.8 million. That is the story arrival numbers tell us...


Hype and reality of China's outbound tourism during CNY 2024

After the slower than expected recovery of China’s outbound tourism in 2023, a lot of hype surrounded the Golden Week holidays during the Chinese New Year. Expectations were high, especially in Mainland Chinese media, which are trying hard in recent months to paint a positive and optimistic picture of China’s...


The top destinations for Chinese outbound travellers in 2023

Not surprisingly, in 2023 Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR regained some market share with more than half of all trips ending already there, almost 46 million out of the total of 74 million. Among the other main destinations only...


Hong Kong SAR back in black in Q4 2023, but still 40% below 2019 for the total year


Interview with Dr. Kurt Grötsch


25 cities and new temperature records


Chinese domestic tourism almost back to 2019 levels

China’s outbound tourism reached only 44% in arrivals compared to 2019. However, domestic tourism benchmarks can be expected to return to almost their pre-pandemic levels for 2023. The total tourism revenue has been forecasted to reach 5.2 trillion yuan (725 billion USD) for 2023...


China outbound tourist arrival up to October 2023 - slower than expected


Switzerland Facts


The COTRI China Star Consumption Index – Moving downwards for 2024

COTRI INTELLIGENCE introduces a new way to measure upscale consumption in China by locals and expats: The COTRI China Star Consumption Index uses the number of star-rated restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai as an indicator. The Guide Michelin has published since 2016 a guide which is star-rating...


Seeking truth in facts – China’s outbound tourism recovery

Deng Xiaoping, once celebrated as the architect of China’s economic rise thanks to Reform and Opening, coined the advice that it is better to seek truth in facts instead of ideology. The discussion about the speed of China’s outbound tourism renewal process has in the last few months often been not following this insight...


Hong Kong SAR – The story behind the arrival numbers

In previous issues, we discussed the fate of Hong Kong SAR in the first post-pandemic year in terms of arrival data. However, a closer look reveals an interesting development with regard to the ratio of same-day visitors to overnight visitors...


Recovery rates of selected Chinese outbound tourism destinations in the third quarter of 2023

During the period July to September 2023 the level of arrivals from Mainland China stayed for most destinations below 50% compared to the same period in 2019. Macau SAR and Hong Kong SAR were the main exception, reaching more than two thirds of the pre-pandemic level. Taiwan on the other hand saw...


Gen Z reacting to the changed economic situation of China

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There was a time in China when you had to wear 3,000 USD worth of clothes you owned in a photo by one of a dozen of China's most expensive photographers in order to be able to enter an exclusive online club. Nowadays young Chinese are rather bragging about their frugal lifestyle and hope that lucky charms will help them in their quest for a meaningful life, including outbound tourism.....


ZHENG YOU – The benefits and dangers of Contentious Friendship in China today


China is a continent, not a country


Arrivals of major tourism destinations in first half of 2023 compared to the first half of 2019


Update of Visa Situation July 2023 for People's Republic of China citizens


Arrivals of major tourism destinations in first half of 2023

As discussed in Prof. Arlt’s Deep Dive above, the Chinese arrival numbers for the first half of 2023 have been a source of frustration for many destinations...


Intercontinental air connections from Mainland China to Southeast Asia as of end of June 2023


Intercontinental air connections from Mainland China to Africa, Oceania and Americas as of June 2023

China is reconnected to more than 60 countries by air again, but many relations are still not run on a daily base. COTMI will inform every month...


Visa Situation June 2023 for People's Republic of China citizens


WeChat Weekly Rankings: Destinations & Airlines (27 May-2 June 2023)

The WeChat ranking of National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) based on post engagement reveals that even the most successful NTOs are only reaching...


Interview with John Koldowski

For 12 years, John Koldowski has been a special advisor to the CEO of PATA. After six years of teaching as a professor at Leshan University in China, he is now...